Larry has taught in our graduate level orthotics course for 15 years. Students appreciate his insight, enthusiasm and first-hand experience in the foot orthotics labs.

Deborah G. Kelly, PT, MSEd, DPT, CLT-LANA



Larry Wheeler and the courteous staff at the Healthy Foot Store have played a major role in my overall health.  Their carefully crafted inserts and proper footwear have allowed me to return to walking without pain.  After a head on collision, my left foot and ankle were a mess, resulting in terrible back pain.  Custom inserts, molded and padded in key locations have resulted in the proper alignment of my foot and ankle.  This has restored my mobility and greatly  improved my quality of life.  I am grateful to Larry for his kind attention to my needs and have entrusted my entire family to his expertise.  I would highly recommend the Healthy Foot Store to anyone with feet.

Rick Rushing

Rushing Design



Working primarily with children, i hear complaints about knee and back pain all the time. All too often these children have “flat feet” with poor ankle and knee alignment to add to their problems they are usually limited to cheap quality children’s shoes that have little to no structure or arch support.

For almost 10 years I have referred families, my own included, to Larry and The healthy Foot Center. It’a wonderful to see how much more active a child can be when fitted with the proper footwear and support.

Anne Leach, PT MS



Larry Wheeler CPED, owner of The Healthy Foot Store in Lexington,  KY is an integral member of my diabetic health care team. Larry’s knowledge gained by working with foot problems starting with his work in physical therapy in the 1980s leads to his ability to resolve foot issues that far surpasses his comtemporaries. With his ability to form custom foot orthodics and provide properly fitting shoes he has enabled me to embark on a healing process after having two toes on my right foot amputated.

The Healthy Foot Store has several brands of shoes that cater to different foot problems. After my toes were amputated in 2013 my right foot was reduced in length and the width increased.  Larry manufactured a custom orthodic that took the situations into account. He then recommended very comfortable shoes by Brooks and Orthoshoes. I have been able to resume most of my previous physical activities and have avoided post surgery complications. This past summer I had the pleasure of walking my oldest daughter down the aisle on her wedding day in my Orthoshoes!

Larry has other services and products that can be benefitual to many people that include compression stockings, socks, weight off loading boots, knee skeeves, and other implements that can reduce the pain in the feet to enable us to lead a pain free life as possible.

Thank you Larry for resolving foot issues that allow many of us to lead a pain free life doing the things that we enjoy doing.

Woody Yonts



The first time I came to see Larry Wheeler was 2002. I had run my first marathon and was suffering from plantar fasciitis . At that time in my life running was my main form of exercise and my heel hurt so bad I didn’t know what to do . Someone suggested I go see Larry Wheeler at the Healthy Foot Center . Larry was just what I needed ! He evaluated my foot , made custom orthotics for my running shoes and helped find the best running shoe for my foot. I don’t think people realize how important it is to wear the correct shoe for your own particular foot . It is crucial to keep your legs , feet , back and hips healthy. Since 2002 I have continued to see Larry on a regular basis for shoe selection as needed and custom orthotics every year. I still have never struggled with plantar fasciitis again and give Larry the credit with his constant support and suggestions over the years . I recommend him on a regularly and think he is an expert in his field !
Julie Thornhill
Turf Town Properties